The Blessed Tree: The Prophet’s Lineage-Mālik & Fihr

By Sheikh Idris Watts


He was called so in the hope that he would rule over the Arabs and so he did. He was also known as Abū Ḥārith. He was famed for his wisdom.

Fihr (Quraysh)

Fihr is a tall rock. He was called so out of the hope that he would dominate his enemies.  It is said that his mother used to call him Quraysh. It is also said that this is his real name and Fihr is his nickname. This word means ‘to search out’ because he used to search out for the needs of others and take care of them. Qa/Ra/Sha means to bite. Qirsh is a shark, so Quraysh could be a diminutive of shark. The strongest opinion is that he is Quraysh and not an-Naḍr.

Picture: ZamZam TV


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