With the renewed commitment to traditional Islam, there was a need to establish an institute which would invite, English speaking, traditional scholars to our community, on a full-time basis to give short courses in the essential Islamic Sciences and to teach children, providing sound Islamic Knowledge, rooted in mainstream Sunni scholarship, in a way that is relevant to Muslims living in the West.

Abu Zahra Foundation was, therefore, founded by a small group of British Muslims, as a non-profit, educational institute, committed to reviving traditional Islam. The Foundation was founded in June 2000 and registered with the Charities’ Commission.

In December 2001, Abu Zahra moved into rented premises in Keighley, West Yorkshire, after fully refurbishing it to house its institute where over 200 students now partake in its various classes. In August 2003, the community facilitated the purchase of the premises.
Over the last five years the Foundation has organised one-day intensives and short courses on various subjects. We have also facilitated public lectures from some of the finest scholars in the West. Sheikh Idris Watts, our resident scholar, has also spoken at many conferences and taught at din-intensives up and down the country. Other initiatives have included working with schools offering workshops on the basic tenets of Islam, Public Lecture Series, Inter-faith dialogue, Outdoor Activities Programme, Healthy Lifestyle Programme, Day Excursions and Sports.

Following the London bombings of July 7th, members of the Foundation have reached out to the non-Muslim community and explained the position of Islam through the media and Inter-faith forums. We are committed to fostering harmonious relationships with the citizens of this country and dialogue with other faith communities.

We believe that many of the illnesses we find in our communities can be treated through healing the hearts with spiritual truths disseminating from the hearts of scholars and by making common the weapon of true Knowledge. Abu Zahra aims to bring such scholars to our communities in Britain.


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