The Four Seasons of Marriage: Introduction and Synopsis

By Sheikh Idris Watts

The Four Seasons of Marriage, by Gary Chapman
Gary Chapman is a Christian and a marriage and family life consultant and the author of the best seller The Five Love Languages. In this book, he explains that, although the West is obsessed with love, very few of its people are finding it because they are ignorant of its true nature and its effect on human relationships. He explains the different stages of love and marriage and as the couple go through these transitional phases, which can surface and resurface through the years, months or even in one single day, they have to recognize them in order to keep their relationship alive and healthy. He gives marriage saving advice that will revolutionize the way you approach your relationship with your spouse. This book is a great guide for Muslim couples to save themselves from the potential pitfalls that can lead to a miserable home life which may end up in infidelity or divorce. There will be a series of articles on this book inshAllah.  Below is a brief synopsis.

Do you want to maintain, improve or save your marriage? This book helps guide you towards that goal.

Marriage is a purposeful relationship and two are better than one.

Can you look back at your marriage and see that both of you have improved in things that you would never have been able to do alone?

The purpose of life is to know God and to bring glory and honour to His name. Marriage enhances this.

Marriage relationships are constantly changing. Attitudes shift, emotions fluctuate, and the way spouses treat each other ebbs and flows between loving and not so loving.

Life is full of unanticipated changes. Our only choice as couples is in how we will respond. If we respond well, in harmony with our spouse, we can keep our marriage in spring and summer. If we do not respond well or if our response clashes with our spouse’s response, we can fill the chill of autumn or be thrust into the icy cold of winter – sometimes before we know what has hit us.

In Western culture, people exalt emotions as the guiding light that determines our actions. This is a misguided notion. Emotions do tell us that something is wrong or right on many occasions but emotions must lead to reason and reason must be guided by truth if we are to take constructive action. You must not short circuit the process and jump from emotions to action without the benefit of reasons and truth through revelation.

What season is your marriage in?

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