The Blessed Tree: The Prophet’s Lineage-Murrah & Kilāb

By Sheikh Idris Watts


Murrah was a name for Friday in the pre-Islamic period. The word means to be strong. He had three sons Kilāb, Taym (Abū Bakr and Ṭalḥah is from this family) and Yaqaẓah (Makhzum) (Khālid b. al-Walīd and Walīd b. al-Mughīrah).


His name was Hakīm, ‘Urwah, Muhadhdhab, or Mughīrah. He was nicknamed Kilāb because he used to love to use hunting dogs.[1]  He has two sons Quṣayy and Zuhrah. His mother was Āminah daughter of Wahb b. ‘Abd Manāf b. Zuhrah b. Kilāb. The Prophet’s parents’ lines meet at Kilāb.

(An Arab was once asked why they call their children the worst of names like ‘dog’ and ‘wolf’ and then name their slaves the best like ‘Rizq’ (Provision) and ‘Rabāḥ’ (Profit). He replied that when they name their children the name is directed towards their enemies. As for our slaves, they are our property so we wish to give them sweet names.)

[1] It is also said that it comes from the verbal noun Mukālabah which means to pounce.

Picture: ZamZam TV

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