The Blessed Tree: The Prophet’s Lineage-Nizār

By Sheikh Idris Watts


His name means ‘little or rare’. His real name was Khaldān. He was called so because when he was born his father could see the light of the Prophet Muḥammad, peace and blessings be upon him, between his eyes. On seeing it, he became overjoyed and held a feast for the poor. When the people came to thank him for the feast, he replied’ “This is little in comparison to the rank of this child.” It was said that he was held highly by the kings and he was very slim. It was said that the word Nizār in Persian means slim. He was called so because the Persian king remarked how slim he was. It is said that he is buried just outside Madīnah in a place called Dhāt al-Jaysh.

[1] Dhāl is an error in pronunciation made by some.

Picture: ZamZam TV

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