The Blessed Tree: The Prophet’s Lineage-Ma’add

By Sheikh Idris Watts


His name means strength, weapon of war or generosity. He was called so because he fought many battles against the Jews of his time and did not return except that he was victorious. He followed the pure religion of Abraham, peace be upon him.

“I heard the Messenger of Allāh, peace and blessing be upon him, say: ‘When the progeny of Ma’add b. ‘Adnān reached forty men, they stood against the army camps of Moses, peace be upon him, and plundered them, and so Moses, peace be upon him. cursed them. Then Allāh revealed to him, instructing him not to curse them because from among them the Unlettered Prophet bearing glad tidings, and from among them will be a nation upon whom there will be mercy. They will be pleased with Allāh for even the smallest of what they receive, and He will be pleased with them for the minimal acts that they do, and they will be entered into Paradise by their saying: ‘There is no deity worthy of worship but Allāh.’”[1]

[1] A tradition related by Ṭabarānī

Picture: ZamZam TV



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