The Blessed Tree: The Prophet’s Lineage-Ka’b

By Sheikh Idris Watts


He was called so out of hope he would be raised above his people. The word Ka’b refers to anything that rises high. This is why the Ka’bah is called so. It can also refer to the ankle or to a piece of butter referring to its soft character. He used to protect his people and show kindness to them. They used to start their calendar from the day he passed away out of honour for him.[1] He was the first to gather the people of Quraysh on a Friday (Yawm al-‘Arūbah)[2] and preach to them. He would tell them to honour the holy precinct and that one day a prophet would be raised from his progeny who they must believe in and follow. He had three sons Murrah, ‘Adī (the tribe of ‘Umar b. Khattāb), Husays, and ‘Amr (the tribe of ‘Amr b. ‘Āṣ).

[1] Then they used to date the calendar from the date of the passing away of ‘Abd al-Muṭṭalib. There were 560 years between him and the message of Islam.
[2] This was the name for Friday in pre-Islamic Arabia. It means adornment because the people would wear their best attire on that day. It became known as Jumu’ah in Madīnah when As’ad b. Zarārah used to lead the people in prayer before the coming of the Prophet (peace and blessings upon him). He was a deputy for the Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) amongst the Tribe of Najjār. When he died, the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings upon him) placed himself a deputy over them.

Picture: ZamZam TV

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