The Blessed Tree: The Prophet’s Lineage-‘Adnān

By Sheikh Idris Watts


His name means ‘to reside/establish/set up’ (iqāmah) out of hope that he would be protected because the leaders of mankind and jinn gathered around him awaiting a suitable time to kill him because they knew the last prophet would come from his progeny. The people would say: “If we let this young boy live he will attain the station of men and the one shall come from his loins who will rule over all mankind.” However, God sent guardians to protect him. He followed the pure religion of Abraham, peace be upon him, and was the first to clothe the Ka’bah and it is said that he was the first to place down the markings for perimeters of the Holy Precinct. It is said that he lived in the time of Moses, peace be upon him, and some said Jesus, peace be upon him.

This ends the blessed family tree.  May Allah shower abundant blessings of peace on the Prophet Muhammad and his family. Amin!

Picture: ZamZam TV



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