The Blessed Tree: The Prophet’s Lineage-ʿAbd Manāf

By Sheikh Idris Watts

‘Abd Manāf

His name was al-Mughīrah. His face resembled the moon and he was known and respected by the Quraysh for his courage against their enemies. Manāh was one of the greatest idols of Makkah. His mother had put him in the service of the idol when he was a boy.[1] Then his father saw that his name was the same as ‘Abd Manāh, the son of Kinānah and so he changed his name to ‘Abd al-Manāf (Loftiness). He owned the banner of Nizār and the bow of Ishmael, peace be upon him. His sons are ‘Abd ash-Shams (‘Uthmān comes from his family and Abū Sufyān b. Ḥarb who are the children of Umayyah), Hāshim, ‘Abd al-Muṭṭalib and Nawfal. He passed away in Gaza.

[1] She wanted him to protect it because of its high cost and not as a worshipper.

Picture: ZamZam TV

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