The Blessed Tree: The Prophet’s Lineage-ʿAbdullah

By Sheikh Idris Watts

Dear brothers and sisters,
Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.

I pray you are all well. Seeing that Rabi al-Awwal has arrived I though it would be good to go through the lineage of the Prophet, peace and prayers be upon him, as it is obligatory for us to know it.

“One must know his lineage back to ʿAdnān from his father side and to Kilāb from his mother’s side as mentioned by Ujhūrī. Qarāfī mentioned that all the matters pertaining to his states fall under tenants of faith and so one must investigate them in order to have complete faith.”

Every day I will bring one of his ancestors with a short summary of his life. Try to memorize one a day.


He was nicknamed the Sacrifice and he was known as Abū Qutham which means the Father of Giving or Gathering alluding to good that was gathered in him. He was also known as Abū Muḥammad and Abū Aḥmad. He was also known as the Sacrifice because of the oath his father had made to sacrifice him to God for giving him 10 sons. He passed away in Madīnah when he left Makkah to trade in dates or visit the uncles of his father in the Tribe of ʿAdī b. Najjār. It also said that he set off for Gaza in a caravan of Quraysh and on his way back he fell ill in Madīnah and stayed there for a month and then passed away. His father sent his son Zubayr or al-Ḥārith to find him and he managed to attend his funeral. His passed away at the age of 25.[1] He was buried in an-Nābigha and some said in al-Abwāʾ[2] around 30 miles or so from Madīnah.

It has been related from Ibn Abbās that when ʿAbdullah passed away the angels went to Allah and said, “Our God and Master, Your prophet has been left an orphan with no protector and no one to raise him!” And Allah replied, “And I am his Protector and Aid so send prayers upon him and take blessing through his name.”

Jaʿfar al-Sādiq was once asked why the Prophet was made an orphan. He replied, “So that no-one of creation could claim a right over him.”

Ibn al-ʿAmmād said that the wisdom he was made an orphan was in order to show the people that people do not reach high stations except by the grace of Allah and not through the glory of their forefathers or mothers. Also, it was so that people would honour and have respect for orphans.

ارحموا اليتامى و أكرموا الغرباء فإني كنت في الصغر يتيما و في الكبر غريبا و إن الله لينظر للغريب كل يوم ألف نظرة
“Have mercy on the orphans and honour the estranged for I was an orphan in my youth and I was estranged as an adult. Verily, Allah gazes upon the estranged a thousand times in the day.”[3]

[1] It was also said that he was 28 or 30 and some even said 18
[2] Called so because the waters used to settle there and flood the land or because it was common for malaria to affect the area.
[3] A tradition mentioned by al-ʿAjalūnī

Picture: ZamZam TV

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