Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World: Chapters 2 & 3

By Sheikh Idris Watts

Chapter 2

Parents are not paying enough serious attention to the study of God’s Word. It is easier to leave personal study of the Quran (note that we as Muslims have to refer to scholars and classical works on ambiguous verses before asserting what Allah means in His Book) to the experts and focus on our own perceived talents and neglect trying to understand God’s Word. We look for excuses as to why we are not interested in Quranic study and Quranic family instruction. We look for someone else to do it.
No radio station or television program, counseling materials, or parenting course can possibly be a substitute for the revelation of our almighty, all-knowing God.

Chapter 3

Authoritative truth has a direct impact on love, purity, conscience and faith.

Exegesis is the process of bringing forth the truth from the words of the Scripture. This entails reading and understanding the context of the passage, who it was written to, and what it was saying to them according to the type of language and literature used at the time, Exegesis takes the Quran naturally in a straightforward reading.

Exegesis involves reading into a passage by taking God’s word and interpreting it based on human experience, values and so on. This approach allows us to make Scripture say what we believe, and not necessarily what is actually says. Exegesis starts with human experience and thought and tries to conform the Word to fit in our preconceived ideas. In actuality, we then become the authority, not God.

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