Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World: Prologue & Chapter 1

Dear Readers,
Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.

I pray you are well. I have been reading a few books on parenting recently and I thought I would share some of the notes I have taken. I will upload my notes on each chapter every few days on this blog in sha Allah. Feel free to forward them if you feel they will be of benefit. I have found them to be very beneficial. I hope you do to. This book is called:

Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World, by Ken Ham, Steve Ham and Todd A Hillard.

I have altered some of the content to fit the Islamic model because the book is written by a Christian.
Sheikh Idris Watts


If you take the Quran seriously, live by it, and defend its teachings when they are compromised, you will be tarred and ridiculed by people because they will see you as strange but that is God’s test for you to see if you are sincere in your claim to live according to His teachings.

When one does not have the answers for apparent contradictions or scientific conflict or challenges to one’s faith, one should say, “I don’t have the answers in this area but it doesn’t mean there aren’t any – it just means I don’t have any at this time. We need to refer to qualified scholars and ask God to provide us with answers – but even if He doesn’t, this is no reason to reject His Word.”

When we feel confused by scripture or Prophetic tradition, we need to return to the Quran and study the words in context very fully, referring to sound scholarship. We cannot reinterpret scripture. To do so would make man’s ideas infallible and God’s Word fallible. This would put us on a course of compromise and unbelief through the rest of the Scripture.

Life is to be lived with God first, others second and self third.

Chapter 1

The implications of Darwin’s theory are far reaching. He paved the way for moral relativism and fueled racism, claiming blacks were inferior to whites. His ideas fueled the abortion industry, leading to the conclusion that an unborn child is nothing but a lump of cells and the woman has a right to kill if she chooses. His ideas paved the way for Hitler. His ideas have contributed to the erosion of the family, educational institutions, the decay of the legal system and have led to compromise in the Church.

As generations are trained to believe that there is no God, thus no absolute authority, and there is no basis for determining what is right and wrong – moral relativism will pervade the culture.

A legacy is a very powerful thing. You too have a legacy. What kind will you leave behind? Long after your body is laid to rest, impact of your life will continue to spread throughout your community and your world, especially your family.

90% of the children from church homes attend public schools in America. Seven out of ten walk away from the church after their senior high years.

We believe in absolute moral truth.

The answers to our questions may go contrary to what is acceptable in our communities and labelled as offensive to those who are worried about political correctness than righteousness.

We do not get the answer from God straight away. We have to wait for the answers.

There is a big difference between observational science which we all agree with and historical science which involves the scientist’s belief about the past.

What will you children say about you when you die? When you are done what sort of legacy will live on in those you have touched? Most importantly, will the Lord say, “Well done, good and faithful servant”?

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